Frozen stream in Ulaanbaatar.


Our latest walkabout – two actually – one on December 15th to go shopping at the stores down the street from us, and the latest, which shares our walki up to the north end of town to SOS Medical, then over to Sky Department Store where they have finished most of the ice sculptures seen in our previous gallery, plus some pics from near downtown, at Millie’s Expresso and the Wedding Palace. We hope you get an idea of what life is like for expats who choose not to own a car here. For example, I walked home with 20+ pounds of kitty litter on my back PLUS another 8 or 9 pounds in a bag in my hand :-)


Our latest walkabout in Ulaanbaatar (Ulan Bator for those who know the old spelling), Mongolia, where we presently live.

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